Crafting Tomorrow: A 21-Year Odyssey of Innovation, Resilience, and Creative Harmony

TDLR: My career began at 13 in my stepfather’s tech lab. Now, as a leader, I apply empathy, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship skills to guide growing teams. As an Autodidact, I’ve evolved through diverse experiences in Design Strategy, People Leadership, and Product Development, recently focusing on B2C and B2B2C products across various industries.

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Embarking on a journey that spans two decades, I passionately explore the intersection of technology and human experience. With indigenous heritage from the Charria tribe in Uruguay, I was born in a village in São Paulo, transitioning from the serene village life to the bustling metropolis, and eventually finding myself in Berlin, Germany. This cultural journey forms the backdrop of my 21-year odyssey, a journey that began with the profound loss of my father when I was just 11.

When I was 7, the world of neurology captivated my imagination after stumbling upon a book about neurology in my father’s magazine shop. Later, my aspirations shifted, and I dreamt of delving into the mysteries of the cosmos through astrophysics, inspired by my father’s enchanting tales under the beautiful starry nights in our village. However, his passing cast a shadow over those dreams, altering the trajectory of my ambitions.

Despite excelling academically with top grades, an undiagnosed attention deficit hampered my performance in national exams, redirecting my path away from the dream of studying the stars.

Financial constraints compelled me to skip university, leading me to continue my journey in web design to support both studies and family.

After several unsuccessful attempts at the exams, I eventually learned of my ADHD and recognized the impact of my father’s passing on my attention. Undeterred, I chose to build on my existing successes, and my career in Design finally started to take off.

After several other life hurdles and going through advertising, marketing, and finally landing on UX design, I navigated through major design maturity companies such as Motorola, Fjord (Accenture), and Zalando where I was an Interaction and Service Designer. Today, I lead UX teams and create strategies. More recently, I am leading a team at GetYourGuide in Berlin.

As a designer, I’ve come to realize that predefined boxes and processes fall short of capturing the essence of my creative nature. Instead, I thrive on creating my own systems and methodologies—a unique problem-solving approach that reflects the diverse inspiration drawn from my interests. This ability to transcend conventional boundaries in design is deeply rooted in my passion for science fiction and role-playing games. These passions have not only influenced my design philosophy but have also shaped my methodologies.

Immersed in futurism and speculative design, I keep a vigilant eye on the future, drawing inspiration from the unknown. My childhood dream of being an astronaut, inspired by Carl Sagan’s poetic vision, echoes the spirit of exploration that continues to drive my pursuit of the unknown.

My purpose is to make all life thrive, anchored in stoic principles, guiding me to navigate life’s complexities with resilience and tranquility. Embracing ideals of acceptance, wisdom, and virtue, I strive to remain steadfast in the face of challenges, finding strength in the present moment. As a designer and leader, my focus is on what is within my control, fostering empathy, and guiding others with a steady hand.

In leadership, my principles are firmly rooted in empathy, trust, and authenticity, influenced by 90’s shows like Sailor Moon. My life is surrounded by values of justice, empathy, vulnerability, and trust. I strive to be perceived as a fellow human being and extend the same treatment to others, aiming to be an enabler of their dreams, guiding and supporting them to be the best versions of themselves. By integrating these principles into both my personal and professional journey, I contribute not only to the innovative landscape of design but also to the well-being and growth of those around me.

Enveloped in an incredible sense of happiness, I reflect on who I wanted to be and who I am today. Despite my early career dreams not being fulfilled and navigating through several life obstacles, I persist in creating strategies and solving problems to positively impact life. I continue to explore my curiosity through new experiences, and this journey, with its twists and turns, has become a testament to my resilience and unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference.”

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