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Design Wonderland?

Navigating the Enchanted Realms of UX Realities

Let’s question the foundations of the methods we learn—are they universally effective? Do they reflect the reality?

Let’s go hrough the UX Rabbit role down to Wonderland with an experienced explorer who has navigated digital landscapes for over 20 years. Discover the stories behind common design methods that sometimes stumble but give birth to innovative frameworks. Explore the hidden truths—design systems that occasionally fail, design sprints that pose risks, and moments where user research unveils unexpected twists.

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The UX Enchanter’s Guide

Weaving Business Transformation with Magical Experiences (Potential for being a workshop series)

Learn from my experiences as the first designer in diverse product teams, as a consultant on “Digital Transformation” projects, and a design team leader in an area where design was previously overlooked.

I will share how I contributed to elevating a user-centric mindset, influencing those companies and teams to embrace the enchantment of user-centric design thinking. This workshop isn’t just a guide; it’s a magical portal to unlock the extraordinary potential of business transformation.

The Superhero Within

Neurodivergence, Design Heroes, and the Superpowers Transforming UX Strategy

Learn how thinking unconventionally enhances problem-solving and how these strengths redefine the landscape of design leadership.

I will go through the hidden superpowers within neurodivergence, influencing design strategy and user experience in a captivating narrative. Drawing from my personal challenges with ADHD and other mental conditions, we’ll navigate through the complexities of workplace stigmas, revealing the transformative potential of these exceptional abilities. Join me on this odysey where neurodiversity emerges as the catalyst for unparalleled UX success, reshaping the design world one superpower at a time.”


Life-Altering Encounters: Real User Stories that Transformed My Design Journey

Join me in reflecting on powerful narratives, discovering how authentic connections with users not only enhance design projects but also can profoundly impact the way we approach and perceive our roles as designers.

Nurturing Diversity
in UX for Empathetic Experiences

Uncover strategies to cultivate an inclusive team environment and create products that resonate with a diverse user base, ensuring empathetic and universally accessible experiences.

User-Centric Futures: Prototyping with Speculative Design and Storytelling

Let’s shape narratives that revolves around the users of tomorrow. Exploring the fusion of user-centric design, speculative prototyping, and the art of storytelling.

Strategic Design Thinking: Shaping Business Success

Explore how empathy can be a driving force in UX leadership, focusing on understanding both user needs and the perspectives of team members.

Crafting UX Patterns for Diverse Industries and Markets

Delve into the intricate process of crafting UX patterns to precisely align with the unique needs and expectations of users in various industries and markets.

From Ideation to Action: Applying Design Thinking to Your Life’s Path

Learn how to bring your visions to life and create compelling prototypes that resonate with your audience, shaping a user-centric narrative for what lies ahead.


Cultivating team fulfilment and the power of authenticity on UX Leadership

This talk addresses challenges in UX engagement and underscores the importance of empathetic leadership in overcoming these hurdles. The focal point is an artifact, a Leadership Canvas, encapsulating the team’s vision, values, and successes. Through real-world examples, the talk aims to inspire UX leaders to embrace authenticity, fostering a collaborative environment that produces user-centric designs.

This talk was shared at the Design Ops Assembly in 2023

Navigating new horizons: My Transition from B2C to B2B

While the B2B domain might appear daunting with its intricate decision-making and multifaceted processes, Luana Moura, Senior UX Manager at GetYourGuide, perceives it as a blank canvas teeming with innovation potential. Drawing from her rich B2C background in companies like Zalando, she will share her journey transitioning to B2B. Luana will dive deep into her learnings as well as unique challenges and immense opportunities in B2B – from creating a design system from the ground up to pioneering user validation methods, steering product definition and catering to decision-makers and users alike. She will reflect on the profound influence of UX in the sphere, encouraging designers to recognize it as a treasure trove waiting to be unearthed.

This talk was shared at the Hatch Conference 2023

How Science Fiction helped me design better Services and Interactions

In this presentation, I investigate the tangible impact of renowned science fiction classics like “Star Trek,” “Star Wars,” “Metropolis,” and “2001: A Space Odyssey” on shaping societal expectations of technology. I explore the intricate relationship between these influential narratives and the ever-evolving technological landscape, highlighting the reciprocal influence they exert on each other. Drawing from the rich tapestry of these references, I offer compelling examples to illustrate how science fiction has played a pivotal role in shaping societal norms and pioneering technologies, including the advent of the telephone and the internet. Furthermore, I discuss the practical application of science fiction prototyping, advocating its use as a valuable tool for envisioning future scenarios through speculative design and futurism.

This talk was shared at Interaction Latin South America 2017

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